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Baby and mother struck by falling durian in Pahang
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A woman was taking a stroll with her baby around their home in Jengka, Pahang when they were struck by nature's killer litter — a falling durian.

Norfarahan Baharuddin was carrying her four-month-old son, Megat Muhammad Kays, on July 31 when a durian from a tree beside her house fell on her, before bouncing off onto the boy's head, reported newspaper Harian Metro.

The pair were rushed to Jengka Hospital where they were treated for their injuries.

According to the father, Megat Zarulfais Megat Kamaruddin, 26, his son was not as seriously injured as his wife, who sustained bruises on her chest from the fruit's thorns.

Megat Muhammad has since been discharged and is as active as ever, said dad.

"If it fell directly on top of my son's head, he might have suffered an even worse injury than this," Megat Zarulfais told Harian Metro in Malay.

He explained that his wife had heard the sound of the falling durian hitting the tree's branches and tried to run away.

"But it is the fate of Allah Almighty that the fruit fell onto my wife and child. She did not go in search of durians. It was just a coincidence that the tree is located next to the house, " he said.

He hit back at netizens' accusations that his wife had brought his son to a durian orchard, saying, "For those who don't know the true story, don't make your own assumptions."

With reports of a second durian season coming up next week, keep your guard up and your head protected if you happen to be around a durian tree.

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