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Scandal Brings Chinese Plastic Rice Myth Back Into the Spotlight
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Chinese media recently reported on the experience of a Chinese woman from Jiaozhou, in Qingdao, who reportedly bought a 10-kg bag of Wuchang rice only to discover that it contained bits of white plastic mixed with the actual rice grains. The woman, identified only as Ms. Liu, said that she ate rice from the bag twice after opening it, but each time she did, she tasted plastic. At first, she blamed the rice cooker, but as she was washing a few servings of rice while preparing dinner a few days ago, she noticed something strange.
The woman said that she saw a bunch of plastic-like granular objects floating on the surface of the water, and upon further inspection confirmed that they were not grains of rice. She and her family tested both the real rice and the mysterious pellets by burning them with a lighter and noticed that while the rice turned to char, the fake grains burned and melted like plastic.

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