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Tiger beaten to death by mob with spears and machetes, sparking outrage across India
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Enraged villagers in northern India used sticks, spears and machetes to beat a tiger to death after it attacked several people in a national tiger reserve, authorities said on Friday. A crowd encircled the tiger in a jungle clearing and hit it in the face as it lay on its back, groaning. The tiger slowly moved its paws in a futile attempt to block the blows. A disturbing video of the incident resembles a lynching.

The world has only about 4,000 tigers left in the wild, and most of them live in India. After the video spread on social media, many Indians expressed outrage, questioning how anyone could kill such an iconic and endangered animal. “India’s National Animal Beaten to Death”, blared a headline across the screen on NDTV, one of India’s biggest television channels, which aired the video. India’s effort to protect tigers is in some ways a victim of its own success.

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