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Cats can infect each other with coronavirus, study finds
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Hold on to your cats! The rapidly-spreading coronavirus can be transmitted between your feline pets, according to a new Chinese study. Researchers at Harbin Veterinary Research Institute found that cats are not only susceptible to contracting COVID-19 but can pass it on to their furry friends as well.

But other animals — such as dogs, chicken and pigs — are not likely to catch or spread the virus, the study found. And there is no direct evidence that cats would be able to infect people. “We found that SARS-CoV-2 replicates poorly in dogs, pigs, chickens, and ducks, but efficiently in ferrets and cats,” reads a summary of the study. “We found that the virus transmits in cats via respiratory droplets.”

The study has not yet been peer-reviewed, however, experts not involved in the study said the findings were credible. Professor Jonathan Ball, a virologist at the University of Nottingham, told The Guardian that similar observations of transmission in cats had been made in relation to the SARS virus.

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