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Philippines Reporter Tries To Stay Calm On Live TV As Her Cats Fight In Background
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When you start to add dodgy WiFi, a lack of communication and misbehaving pets into the mix though, it starts to get slightly more complicated – particularly if it’s the latter, as one reporter found out recently. Journalist Doris Bigornia, from the Philippines, was live on air last week when her two cats decided to get in on the action – quite literally – and started fighting each other in the background of her report.

Bigornia, a reporter for ABS-CBN News, was interviewing a guest on TeleRadyo’s SRO (Suggestion, Reaction and Opinion) with co-anchor Alvin Elchico on Friday, May 15, when the feline fight broke out. To Bigornia’s credit, she somehow managed to remain calm throughout it all, continuing with her broadcast as normal. Although the journalist remained professional, her two cats – Bella Luna and Nala – certainly didn’t, having an all-out brawl in front of the family’s bookshelf as Bigornia continued with her video link. As the two rowdy animals traded blows behind her, the only sign Bigornia had even caught on to their antics was the slight look of despair on her face as she turned around briefly at certain points during the broadcast to give her cats some serious side-eye.

Obviously, the hilarious incident caught the attention of viewers and a clip from the show was quickly shared on social media. Bigornia’s daughter Nikki was one of those to share the clip, captioning it: ‘MY CATS HAVE NO CHILL.’ They certainly didn’t, with Bigornia herself later taking to Twitter to share the clip alongside the caption (translated to English): ‘CHILDREN!!!! There is a law in the studio!!!!’ Bella Luna and Nala clearly couldn’t care less about such laws, although it seems they made up shortly after the fight because Nikki later shared a Facebook video of the pair licking each other as though they’re best pals. Adorable.

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