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China granddad watches grandkids burn to death in locked car
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In a horrifying tragedy in Sichuan, two children burned to death in a locked car as their grandfather watched on helplessly. The grandfather, surnamed Jing, had brought his two grandchildren out in his car on Saturday (Aug 3), reported newspaper See Hua Daily.

Jing, 54, got out of the car to run some errands, leaving the two children, aged two and four, locked in the car. Suddenly, the car burst into flames. Seeing what had happened, Jing and several passers-by immediately tried to break the car windows with tools, but failed to rescue the children as the blaze intensified, according to newspaper Oriental Daily.

Jing was inconsolable and sobbing, saying that the two children had died a horrible death. Footage captured by eyewitnesses shows the burnt car and the charred corpses of the two children stuck to the car seat. Local authorities have detained Jing for further questioning and are investigating the incident.

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