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Man sits in area surrounded by several snakes. Blood-curdling video goes viral
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Avideo of a man, sitting unconcernedly in an area surrounded by snakes, is doing the rounds of the internet and will make your blood curdle with fear. The 12-second video was shared on Twitter by a user named Aqualady and it has gone viral with almost three lakh views within 24 hours of being made available online.
In the short clip, a man was seen sitting in an area that is surrounded by snakes of different sizes - massive ones. Not that the man was bothered at all because he was absolutely calm and composed as the snakes wriggled all around him.
Moments later, several snakes that huddled on a branch above, dropped down and covered the man completely. Guess what? The man wasn't even one bit scared and exclaimed, "Woah!" as the snakes fell on him.

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