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6 patients die after Pakistan hospital runs out of oxygen
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Seven hospital workers have been suspended in Pakistan after hundreds of patients were left without oxygen for hours — killing at least six, according to officials.
Patients’ relatives told the BBC how they begged for help as their loved ones gasped for air during the shortage that started late Saturday and affected at least 200 people at the government-run hospital in Peshawar.
Five patients in a coronavirus isolation ward died along with another in an intensive care unit, with others left in critical condition, the outlet said.
The tragic incident was initially blamed on a lack of supply, but a preliminary investigation blamed missing staff and the lack of backup plans, Agence France-Presse said.
The chronic oxygen deficiency “went unnoticed, unsupervised and unchecked,” the report said, with no backup oxygen supply in place. At least half of the 200 affected were coronavirus patients, the reports said.

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