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The Rock And His Family Have Tested Positive For Coronavirus
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The Rock And His Family Have Tested Positive For CoronavirusThe Rock/Instagram Dwyane ‘The Rock’ Johnson has revealed he and his family, including his two youngest children, all tested positive for coronavirus.
The actor explained his situation in a lengthy video posted to Instagram on Tuesday, September 2, in which he said testing positive for COVID-19 was ‘one of the most challenging things’ his family had ever had to endure.
While Johnson ‘wished’ it was only himself who got the disease, he confirmed it also affected his wife, Lauren, and his ‘two baby girls’, Jasmine and Tiana.
The family tested positive for coronavirus last month and are now thankfully recovering, with Johnson confirming that they are ‘healthy’ and no longer contagious.
COVID-19 affects different people in different ways, with some experiencing symptoms similar to a mild flu while others require hospital treatment and the use of a ventilator to help them breathe.
Johnson said he was ‘counting [his] blessings’ because his family had come out of their ordeal ‘stronger and healthier’, but they are well aware that not everyone is so lucky.
Jasmine, 4, and Tiana, 2, were said to have experienced nothing more than a ‘little sore throat’, while Johnson and his wife had a ‘tough’ time with the virus.

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