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Hooker's lips and a naked man are just some of the X-rated sights in UK gardens
1885  Light Myanmar 

They sound like something out a risque novel - but hookers lips, naked man and Peter's pepper are anything put. The world's eight rudest plants have been identified and they certainly look a bit saucy. And from looking like something you'd feel more at home kissing that putting in a vase or even something even ruder, these plants would bring a blush to anyone'es face. Gardening Express has come up with the rudest plants - and are urging people to see how many they have growing in their garden. A spokesman said: "We know there is a time and a place for everything, but we just could not help ourselves when finding some plants on the cruder side of life.

"But this list is not just about having a laugh, it really shows how wonderful plants can be. "From one little seed, a plant can grow to create a detailed flower that just so happens to perfectly show something quite rude. We certainly had fun compiling the list." So, which are the world's eight rudest plants

There's no denying that this little red flower definitely looks like something else entirely. Named because the petals look uncannily like a heavily made-up mouth, the shurb is native to Central and Southern America. But that doesn't mean it hasn't taken up home in many UK gardens. The plant can grow to more than three metres tall.

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