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At least 480,000 Brit bank customers told to change pins after major security breach
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Almost half a million customers affected by the security breach have been told to change their pins after sensitive information was exposed to unauthorised staff. In a statement, the company said: "We've fixed an issue that meant we weren't storing some customers' pins correctly." It added: "On Friday August 2, we discovered that we'd also been recording some people's pins in a different part of our internal systems (in encrypted log files).

"Engineers at Monzo have access to these log files as part of their job." The company said it deleted the information stored in this way. "As soon as we discovered the bug, we immediately made changes to make sure the information wasn't accessible to anyone in Monzo. "By 5:25am on Saturday morning, we had released updates to the Monzo apps.

"Over the weekend, we then worked to delete the information that we'd stored incorrectly, which we finished on Monday morning," it said. About one in five of the bank's 2.6 million customers, or around 480,000 UK accounts, have been affected. "We've checked all the accounts that have been affected by this bug thoroughly, and confirmed the information hasn't been used to commit fraud", the bank added. The company contacted customers to let them know they should change their pin.

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