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Bodies loaded by forklift into truck as coronavirus death toll nears 1,000 in New York
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Doctors: We do not believe what we are seeing .. It is a battlefield filled with corpses and the injured Horrific scenes from New York ... Hospital patients and corpses are carried by cranes "We can't believe what we are seeing, this is not a hospital in New York, but a battlefield teeming with corpses and the injured," says one doctor describing the horrific scene at Brookdale Medical Center in Brooklyn, where dozens of injured people lie on hospital roads, while outside the cranes carry the bodies and put them in Huge trucks for burial./ According to a video broadcast by CBS News, the Brooklyn Medical Center Hospital in Brooklyn, which has 370 beds, has reached its full capacity, after which patients were put on beds on hospital roads, even in the hospital's reception hall./ "We do not believe what we are seeing, this is not a hospital in New York, but a battlefield teeming with the dead and injured," said Dr. Arabia Mulet, who works in the emergency department. "She called" Mulet "to bring in more ventilators and protective equipment." We need to pray. We need support, we need medical staff coats and masks gloves, we need more ventilation equipment on the spot, we need a bigger place to treat all of these conditions. "/ Outside the hospital, the scene was tragic, opening the title "A Bleak Mission," the British Daily Mail says: A huge truck stood in front of the hospital, while forklifts were carrying the bodies to put them in the truck’s refrigerator, in preparation for transport to the place of burial, while crew members stood The medical staff in the hospital verandas are amazed, and they cannot believe what they see./ It is worth noting that, by the end of Tuesday, New York State recorded 76,049 confirmed cases of the Corona virus, and 1,550 people died due to the fatal disease, while the number of deaths in New York City rose to more than 1,000 in the past 24 hours, and 182 others died.

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