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Dogs trapped in a quarry for more than 30 hours rescued by firefighters in Italy
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Two dogs that had been trapped for more than 30 hours inside a quarry in the Italian town of Castiglione dei Pepoli, near Bologna, were rescued by firefighters on Tuesday. Firefighters dug all night to reach the two trapped Maremma hounds, Muscolo ('Muscle') and Orfeo ('Orpheus'), who had been trapped since Monday morning in the tunnels of a quarry. The two hounds, specialised in Boar hunting, had reportedly slipped inside an old quarry located in the woods around Castiglione dei Pepoli. Italian military police were also mobilised together with the firefighters, since the quarry is not far from the Gothic Line and the likelihood of stumbling on leftover explosives from World War II was not so far-fetched.

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