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Thai pizza chain wants to deliver slices by drone
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Chicken Deluxe, Seafood Cocktail or Tom Yum Goong? Whatever type of pizza you want, even plain old pepperoni, them slices could some day fall from the sky thanks to an autonomous aerial vehicle. In an expensive-looking video released Friday, megachain The Pizza Co. unveiled plans to deliver its pizza and other food items by drones. It said the unmanned delivery system would solve problems by keeping pies fresh, delivering them on time and, of course, beating the capital city’s hellish traffic.

The firm, however, said drone delivery plans are only in the “research” phase to explore the “technical possibility.” It also said it would only do so were the laws changed to allow it. Flying a drone requires a permit from the National Broadcasting and Telecommunication Commission and Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand – either for recreational or commercial purposes, and registering the drones themselves.

The idea is not new. In 2016, Domino’s Pizza in New Zealand demonstrated airborne pizza delivery into the backyard of a couple in Auckland. The company then unleashed delivery drones in Germany and the Netherlands. Retailer Amazons has been developing a similar delivery system. The Pizza Co. made its debut in Thailand in 2001. It is part of Minor Food Group, a subsidiary of conglomerate Minor Corp that owns other food and beverage holdings such as The Coffee Club, Sizzler, Burger King and Swensens.

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