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Bahamas lists 2,500 people missing after Hurricane Dorian
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Officials in the Bahamas have listed some 2,500 people as missing in the aftermath of Hurricane Dorian. Meanwhile, the White House said it was not planning to give islanders temporary protected immigration status.

The Bahamas' National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) on Wednesday said its official list of missing people totaled some 2,500, in the wake of the worst hurricane in the islands' history. However, the figure is tentative with many of those on the list likely to be evacuees from the islands or staying in shelters.

Hurricane Dorian slammed into the northern Bahamas more than a week ago, with winds reaching 295 kilometers per hour (185 mph) causing widespread devastation. NEMA spokesman Carl Smith said it would be possible to reunite some survivors with loved ones as soon as information had been cross-referenced. "This list has not yet been checked against government records of who is staying in shelters or who has been evacuated," Smith said.

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