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Policeman's shock as lorry topples over and CRUSHES his squad car as gales cause crane to collapse onto building and downpours cause flash floods
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This is the shocking moment strong winds caused a lorry to topple over and crush a police car, as severe weather conditions lashed parts of the country yesterday with rain and gusts of up to 100mph. A yellow wind warning was issued across much of England and Scotland on Tuesday, with forecasters warning that strong gusts are likely to cause delays on the rail networks and roads for rush-hour commuters. It was previously thought that the weather would bring Storm Brendan to the shores of the UK but the Met Office said there would not be enough of an impact from the winds to warrant a storm name.

Despite their being no officially named storm, horrified staff in a traffic control room could only watch helplessly as a crash on the busy A1 in storm-force winds yesterday almost ended in the tragic death of a sergeant. The incident happened on the road between Haddington and Dunbar in Scotland when a police BMW estate car was diverting traffic away from the outside lane after a lorry had already been blown over on the road. Suddenly without warning an HGV passing the police car was blown across the road and toppled over crushing the police vehicle.

Chief Supt Stewart Carle Tweeted:'Sgt Eason was as cool as a cucumber - he called on the radio - we need to close the A1 now. A lorry has just landed on my patrol car. And I just polished it yesterday.' The Supt added that he 'nearly spilt my mug of tea' but admitted he was quickly reassured when told the BMW was five-years old. Inclement weather is set to continue today with a severe weather warning for ice across parts of Scotland. It warns of icy patches likely to develop during the night as frequent blustery, heavy showers of rain and hail fall onto cold surfaces, especially untreated roads and pavements.

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