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Japan flooding leaves dozens dead and missing
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At least 34 people have been confirmed or presumed dead after flooding in southern Japan.
Rescue workers, including more than 40,000 defence troops, have been trying to help survivors escape their homes in the country's Kumamoto region.
But the deep floodwaters and the risk of more mudslides have made search and rescue operations extremely difficult.
More than 200,000 people had been advised to leave their homes ahead of the flooding, but many chose to remain, worried about catching coronavirus at the region's 109 shelters, even though officials insisted they were safe. Some were forced onto the rooftops of houses, waving to rescuers for help after the Kuma River burst its banks and started to rise, bringing mudslides crashing into buildings. Fourteen residents of an elderly care home were among those presumed dead after rescuers reached them during the weekend.
At one point, 65 residents and 30 caregivers were trapped at the riverside facility. Most were rescued by boat and are now recovering in hospital.

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