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Cinemas Will Now Let You Rent A Whole Screen To Game On
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Odeon Cinemas are offering people the chance to set up their gaming or movie equipment in one of their theatres, thy have announced. AMC have already begun renting out theirs, after Coronavirus restrictions have severely impacted cinemas, and it seems others are following suit.
Their tweet advertising the opportunity went out to their 224,000 followers, grabbing the attention of gamers and movie goers alike.
Giving little detail away, other than you can now seemingly rent a whole cinema screen out, the company ask you to email in for more details and to get a discount off your booking.And when you head over to gaming influencer PewDiePie’s Instagram, as they suggest, there are a few clips on his Stories of him sat comfortably in a darkened cinema, playing Super Smash Bros. and then watching The Matrix on the big screen.
From the ad and his footage, it appears that you can rent out a giant screen to do whatever you want with – whether it’s a Warzone sesh, FIFA tournament with your mates, or a group movie.
With the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X out in a matter of weeks, what could be a better way to show off what the next gen consoles have to offer, than on the biggest screen imaginable?

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