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Man Allegedly Uses Drone to Drop Bombs on Ex-Girlfriend's House
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Surveillance video shows a blast that rocked a Pennsylvania neighborhood when a man allegedly used a drone to drop explosives on his ex-girlfriend's home in March. The blast happened outside the ex-girlfriend's house. The accused drone operator, 43-year-old Jason Muzzicato, lives about 1 mile away. Authorities say he flew the drone directly over the home and then released an explosive device that left the former girlfriend and the entire neighborhood living in fear.

After a judge labeled him "a danger to the community," the alleged drone bomber is a suspect in a string of other mysterious explosions. Charles Carcione lives right next to the man's ex-girlfriend. "There was a loud explosion, really loud explosion," he told Inside Edition.

He said he thought it could have been his home or car, adding, “someone could have been killed.” He says he witnessed another drone attack he's convinced was allegedly launched by Muzzicato. "There were these things hitting the ground, hitting the driveway, and it was nails,” he said. “It rained nails.”

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