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Colorado Brinks Truck Driver Says She Was Fired After Being Robbed, Told She Didn't Follow Protocol
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A Colorado Brinks truck driver was fired following a robbery last month in Greenwood Village. Sabrina Gimeno, a mother of three, returned to her Brinks truck on October 30, pushing a cart loaded with money she had picked up at a bank. Moments after opening the vehicle's rear door, three armed, masked men jumped out of an SUV and forced her to her knees, telling her to put her hands in the air.

As one gunmen kept his weapon aimed at her head, the other two rifled through the truck and helped themselves to over $100,000 in cash. Gimeno says she feared for her life, telling Inside Edition, “I thought they were going to execute me on the spot. I thought I was going to die in that parking lot. “All I could think about was my kids, and my boyfriend was going to get that call that I wouldn't be coming home,” she added. "I didn't even have time to react."

Days after the incident, she said she was fired for violating protocol. Until then, she said, she had been a model employee for seven years. The Denver woman said she was “absolutely not” involved in the robbery aside from being its victim. "It makes me sick to my stomach. I'm just a mother of three trying to make ends meet with that job,” she said.

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