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Stunned teen catches monster-like fish with 'head of lion and body of dragon'
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A teenager in Norway has caught a freakish-looking "half-lion half-dragon" fish in a stunning find. Oscar Lundahl, 19, was fishing off the coast in 2,600ft of water when he reeled in the prehistoric ratfish. Casting out his line in the hope of catching halibut, the young fisherman nearly fell overboard when he hauled in the dinosaur-like fish with bulbous eyes.

It is actually a ratfish, but its Latin name Chimaeras Monstrosa Linnaeus comes from a Greek mythical monster. The Chimera had the head of a lion and tail of a dragon — and so it's no surprise scientists named the alien-like fish after mythology.

Incredibly rare, the ratfish is a relative of the shark and dates back 400 million years. It lives in deep water and is rarely caught. Their huge protruding eyes are believed to have been developed to help them hunt for the crabs and sea snails that they feed on in the pitch-black depths. Oscar was fishing for blue halibut when he caught the ratfish by mistake off the island of Andoya in northern Norway. The Nordic Sea Angling fishing guide said: "I had four hooks on one line and felt something quite big on the end of it.

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