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I HEART you, T-72 style: Tanks in heart-shaped formation help Russian officer propose
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A platoon commander in a Russian Army tank division enlisted the help of 16 T-72B3 tanks to pop the question to his sweetheart after the tanks lined up in a heart-shaped formation. She said yes, as you might expect. They say love is made in heaven, but what about tank proving grounds? For Lieutenant Denis Kazantsev of the 2nd Guards Tamanskaya Motor Rifle Division and his girlfriend Alexandra Kopytova, this was certainly the case. Though Valentine’s Day is not really a Russian tradition, the spirit of the day was not lost on Kazantsev’s commanders, who gave the go-ahead for the mission at the Alabino testing grounds, southwest of Moscow. On Thursday morning, 16 tanks rolled onto the range for a maneuvering drill in which they formed two columns and lined up in a heart formation.

The mission’s success, however, hinged on the approval of one person who was neither a major nor a general. With her eyes covered, 19-year-old Alexandra was led into the middle of the formation by Denis, 23. When she opened her eyes, she saw Kazantsev kneeling with a bouquet of red roses.

Denis proposed to Alexandra on New Years’ Eve in 2017 when they lived in different cities. It wasn’t until late 2018 that Alexandra flew in to St. Petersburg for a wedding ceremony. They only had two weeks of marital bliss, however, before she had to head back to Siberia. Speaking to Metro News, Alexandra said she was not aware of Denis’ plan when he invited her to Alabino, but was captivated by the spectacle.

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