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Teen's photoshoot goes wrong when dog bites face leaving her with 40 stitches
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A teen was hugging her friend's dog for a photo shoot when he bit her in the face, leaving her needing 40 stitches. Lara Sanson from north-west Argentina was posing with Kenai, her pal's German Shepherd, when suddenly he bit her in the face. The 17-year-old has refused to allow the dog to be put down following the attack. It was all caught on camera as the progression of photos shows Lara posing happily on the floor next to Kenai until the shot where he's got her face in his mouth. The picture shows Lara, who lives in the province of Tucuman in North West Argentina, with her eyes shut and face screwed up as Kenai's jaws are around one side of her face.

Lara told local newspaper, La Nacion: "I do not know if I touched its hip or if it reacted like this because it is old, or it was because I hugged it and scared it." Lara had to have around 40 stitches in a two-hour operation following the attack. They were both internal and external, reaching all the way down to her gums. While she has been stitched up now, she's been left with the cuts covering one side of her face. Yet the teenager said she didn't feel much pain when Kenai bit her, nor when she left the operating theatre.

"I only had some bother due to the inflammation and eating problems," Lara explained. Vet Juan Enrique Romero told La Nacion that the pet dog may have reacted like this because of the pain he was in. "Its pains are growing and a pain could have generated this reaction," Juan said.

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