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Moment elephant almost tramples tourists after they try to take a selfie with it
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Heart-stopping footage has captured the moment a wild elephant almost trampled a group of tourists after they tried to get a selfie with it. As they flee for their lives, one man falls at the feet of the enraged elephant and nearly gets stamped under the animal's giant foot. Luckily he manages to get up and escapes an almost certainly lethal trampling. The elephant hits him with his trunk before turning around around and walking back into the forest as the tourists scarper. Locals said a group of 50 elephants had left the forests to find food but one of them had followed by a large crowd of villagers. The incident happened at Hosur, in Tamil Badu, India, earlier this month. It came just days after 75-year-old Vengita Lakshmiyamma was trampled to death at Kudisaganapalli village on 4 January. The two incidents took pace in the same forest range.

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