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Singaporean gaming personality goes viral with tweet about gamer girls
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Singaporean gaming personality goes viral with tweet about gamer girls

Female representation in video games and the video game industry have been getting a tad bit better over the past couple of years, but the struggle remains — what with all the Gamergate goons and revolting lads raging against women in general. This thing we’re talking about doesn’t actually add anything to that conversation. But still, it's decently amusing.

Gaming personality and Female Esports League digital content manager Cheryl Allison Lim shot to ultra-fame on Twitter this week, thanks to her jesting about the old “gamer girl” shtick. This really doesn’t need much explanation; take a gander below at Cheryl’s post that garnered over 53,000 retweets and over 246,000 likes since July 31.

It’s probably safe to say that the gaming streamer did not expect the tsunami of global attention. Her partner — prominent esports caster Sean 'Hades' Goh — noted that the tweet garnered Cheryl over 7,000 followers within 24 hours. Her tweet even prompted some astute replies. Again, they don’t need much explanation. Then there are dozens of comments about her feet, but the lesser said about those, the better. Fellow gaming live-streamer Chibi pointed out something accurate though.

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