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Heartbreaking moment three bears risk their lives to drag a fatally injured cub out of a busy road after it was hit by a car
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Heartbreaking moment three bears risk their lives to drag a fatally injured cub out of a busy road after it was hit by a car

Three bears risked their lives to pull a fallen cub out of the path of oncoming traffic when it was hit by a car in heartbreaking footage. The video, filmed in Immokalee, Florida, captures the black bear cub as it stumbles in the road at West Main Street after being hit by a vehicle, WINK News reported. As it falls and eventually lies down in the street, a large bear emerges from beside it, looking warily into the traffic before venturing out to grab the smaller bear by the scruff of its neck.

It then begins to drag the cub onto the hard shoulder and away from further danger, before turning and fleeing into the grass. Moments later, two other bears rush onto the road, grab the cub with their teeth and begin to pull it away from the path of oncoming traffic. The three bears then gather around the cub for a moment before dragging it further into the grass to the side of the busy road. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission confirmed the cub was hit by a car and said the young bear later died.

Lisha DeShay, who captured the video when she stopped in her car, said it 'crushed' her to see the family of bears struggle to save one of their own. 'It was heartbreaking to see that', she said. 'It crushed me. I see myself as a momma bear. I have a baby, so a baby in the road hit [me]. Whether it's a bear or a human, it's sad'. 'People need to be aware and drive carefully at night', she added. The FWC advised residents to stay in their cars and call the FWC's hotline as soon as possible if they encounter an incident of this nature.

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