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The world watches but will it stand with Hong Kong protesters
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“Stand with Hong Kong, stand with Hong Kong,” the protesters chanted in a sea of American flags. The chants came from thousands of people who marched from Chater Garden to the US Consulate in the city on Saturday to call on Washington to back the proposed Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act.

The protesters want the US Congress to pass the bipartisan bill which would put Hong Kong’s trading privileges from the United States up for annual review. The privileges would rest on whether Hong Kong still qualified as an autonomous area, effectively turning Beijing’s handling of the city into an international issue.

While Beijing maintains that Hong Kong is an internal affair and has warned Western “black hands” against meddling in the crisis, the city’s role as a global financial hub and home to many people from around the world means international interest in the protests is inevitable. But observers said they doubted whether Beijing would buckle under the pressure.

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