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You can say this journal is a very colorful with many categories. Daily base issues are lunch every day. Domestic and international news in entertainment, sport, business and article.

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  • Issue Date: 07/Jul/2020
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  • Man on Motorcycle Swept Away by Flood Waters After Monsoon in Nepal
  • Sean Penn Confirms He Married Leila George in a -COVID Wedding- on Zoom with His Kids Present
  • Elderly Couple End Their Lives Together After Husband Diagnosed With Cancer
  • Airbus Futuristic Flying Taxi Just Took Its First Public Flight
  • Myanmar woman, 23, with a TINY 13.7in waist that's thought to be the one of the world's smallest
  • 3-Year-Old Boy Dies After Accidentally Shooting Himself with Gun
  • Siblings Who Lost Parents And Grandma To Coronavirus Have $600,000 Raised For Them
  • Kim Jong Un says there will be no more war on this earth
  • A 14-year-old girl was allegedly raped in an Indian coronavirus treatment center
  • To the rescue! | People create human chain to save drowning woman