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You can say this journal is a very colorful with many categories. Daily base issues are lunch every day. Domestic and international news in entertainment, sport, business and article.

  • Total Pages: 32
  • Issue Date: 26/Dec/2019
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  • 'I've always had big breasts': Lawmaker's plunging neckline stirs Brazilian parliament
  • Cat quarantined in Russia after testing positive for coronavirus
  • Pokémon Go Fest will be held online this year
  • U.S. coronavirus death toll rises above 100,000 in world's deadliest outbreak
  • Four Minneapolis officers are fired after video shows one kneeling on neck of black man who later died
  • Horror as ferry smashes into rocks after captain loses control
  • As death toll nears 100,000, some Americans break from social distancing during holiday weekend
  • The Closing of 21 Million Cell Phone Accounts in China May Suggest a High CCP Virus Death Toll
  • Fake 'bomber' detained after triggering HOSTAGE situation at bank in central Moscow
  • Hana Kimura, Pro Wrestler and Terrace House Star, Dead at 22