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Still Spinster in 2011 said Than Thar Win

1268 Morning Post
"If 2011 were the Wedding year of Performers, this year not for this blessing, only effort set for arts," said Than Thar Win among going-to-wed performers. "Many audiences ask me about that. We both want to launch solo CD. Being spent much time for education, I felt patient long what I want to do. Now I get time to do and I want o work well. Wedding is easy, lots of preparations to make. I never lie to my audience. Not in 2011 but I will let u know my wedding date to all; I really want to. Now my attention is on music. When wedding is confirmed, I may tell my mom," she said.
As both of them are artists due to pride concerned with arts, any arguments they have, was asked. She replied sharing more than arguments, neither argument nor debate; only mutually share what one does not know. Feelings not the same, I don't know about Hip Hop as him and he does not know Pop and we talk Pop; sharing rather than arguing," Than Thar said.

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