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Hip-hop singer J-Me and family members send to quarantine center

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Hip-hop singer J-Me and his two family members are sent to quarantine center as the singer had close contact with Rock singer Myo Gyi, who is a COVID-19 patient, sources said.

The authorities came to take the singer and his family members from their home located in U Phe Street, Sanchaung Township.

“He had a close contact with the Rock singer Myo Gyi and they were sent to a quarantine center in Hlaing Township. The authorities disinfected his home and nearby and placed a lockdown on a section of the street where his house located and it will be reopened,” said an official from Sanchaung Township administrative office.

According to an announcement from the Ministry of Health and Sports on the night of April 13, singer Myo Gyi and his wife were found infected with COVID-19 virus and the health authorities came to take singer J-Me and his family members, who had close contact with the singer Myo Gyi.

The singer Myo Gyi is the first artist to be found infected with COVID-19 virus.

IMAGE: Capital-J Facebook

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