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Coastline Phones, Cellular and GSM fall down to half of current sale price

1247 Weekly Eleven
After 5 lakh phones launch, phones_ coastline, cellular and GSM prices fall down to half of current sale price, said mobile phone service providers.
Before 5 lakh phones launch, coastal phone current price 17 lakh (Myanmar Kyat), is now only around 10 lakh: Cellular Phones around 10 lakh to around 6 lakh; GSM around 15 lakh to 8 lakh, prices fall.
After 5 lakh phones launch, all mobile phone prices fall. Coastal phone (0980, 85, 86) prices fall, sellers are rare due to its good line and its nationwide use. Cellular phone price was over 40 lakh when they were start launched. Now prices fall down to 5 lakh. Some GSM No. 50 current price is 8 lakh around” mobile phone service provider said.

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