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After Five years, Alex returns to limelight

1289 Myanmar Times
ALEX, front man for the band Lazy Club, will return to the limelight in early January with his Long-awaited solo album Nauk Kya Nay Deh Ngar, (Me, The late one four years since 1996, his last album release.
"Everything changed for this album: the studio, the lyricists and the band. It's like working, in a new environment," said the singer who recorded the 12 track album with Hero Music Band.With such a long break in between albums though the singer had a hard time with the songs.
"It's been a bit difficult for me to write songs this time. Maybe it's because I'm getting older and I've lost the mood to write. So now, the moment I feel something, I write a note impulsively."
Other Lyricists that contributed to the album include Shwe Jor Jor, Elde, Adino and Kaing Zar Tin Mone.
Alex claims to be one of the more difficult Myanmar singers to pigeonhole because of his style, which has shifted between pop, rock and punk music through his career.
"I have two types of fan: some like soft music like in my first two albums Alex Neh Thu ei Thachin Myar (Alex and His Songs)and Min Anar Mhar (Next To You) while some prefer it hardcore, like my albums Seik Kuu Thet Thet Myar (Just Imaginings) and 1996. I think this album can satisfy both types of fan," he said.
The album is slated for release in the second week of January and the singer is looking to hold a concert in February to promote it.

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