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Win Htein says PanAust mining company not linked to his son-in-law

1798 Mizzima
Patron of the National League for Democracy (NLD) party, Win Htein, said that his son-in-law had no relation and was not concerned with the PanAust Company which is doing mining exploration work in the Wuntho area in Sagaing Region, in response to allegations.

Some claimed on Facebook in their accounts that the son-in-law of Win Htein had a relationship and contact with PanAust Co. which obtained a mining exploration grant from the government, though he denied these allegations.

NLD party patron Win Htein said to Mizzima, “Some political opponents are closely monitoring us. Some who are patronized by some organizations are closely watching us. And then my son-in-law is also from Australia and then these people drew simple logic that he must be from this company.”

Australia based PanAust Co. and Myanmar Energy Resources Group International Ltd. are jointly incorporated with 90% and 10% stakes respectively and registered with Myanmar Investment Commission (MIC) in the name of ‘Wuntho Resources Co. Ltd.’ for conducting mining exploration work in the Wuntho area in Sagaing Region.

Wuntho Resources Co. Ltd. has applied for mining exploration rights to be conducted in Banmauk, Wuntho, Pinlebu Townships in Sagaing Region since 2017.

According to the sources from Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment Conservation, the company modified their application with over 190,000 acres as per a new rule enacted in 2018 and then the ministry granted them mining exploration rights in just over 180,000 acres.

IMAGE: NLD party patron Win Htein. Photo: EPA

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