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This Made My Day: Granny, 97, sells fruits and veggies in Thomson because 'it's fun'
821  Light Myanmar 

Every week, an old lady sits by a makeshift stall, selling fruits and vegetables near a condominium in Thomson. She makes no secret that her goods — bananas, mangos, and pumpkins among others — are more expensive than those found in the supermarket where she got her stock from. But instead of haggling with the elderly woman, customers are willingly buying her produce at higher prices.

97-year-old Teo Suan recently came under the spotlight on social media after Facebook user Samuel Lee posted photos of her peddling her goods. In a post on Nov 1, Lee encouraged people to support Teo and patronise her stall.

He wrote: "(She's) still making an effort to come out every Friday, Saturday and Sunday, pushing a grocery trolley full of fruits, potatoes, etc, which is super heavy given her age. Just (to make) a living."

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