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Couple fall to their deaths as they tumble over bridge fence while kissing
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Maybeth Espinoz, 34, and Hector Vidal, 36, had been walking home from a nightclub when they stopped to kiss on Bethlehem Bridge in Cusco, Peru Maybeth was sat on top of the railing but appeared to lose her balance so wrapped her legs around Hector as he desperately tried to pull her back. But she continued to fall backwards, levering her boyfriend over with her. He could be seen trying to grab hold of the bridge but quickly lost his grip and fell with her. The incident happened at about 1am on Saturday and witnesses raised the alarm.

Local reports suggest they couple survived the fall. However, Maybeth died on the way to the Hospital de Contingencia in Cusco while her partner died in intensive care after sustaining a fractured skull. According to news outlet Panamerica, the pair were mountaineers who had moved to the Cusco region in southern Peru to work as tour guides. Their bodies have since been transferred to Ancash in northern Peru. Hector’s brother, Edwin Vergara, told the local authorities the couple had been drinking in a nightclub near the bridge hours before the incident. It is unclear whether the local authorities are continuing with their investigations.

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