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Romanian researcher unveils omni-directional aircraft that looks like a UFO after two decades of work
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While concrete, definitive, proof of flying saucers may still allude the general public, one Romanian engineer has given UFO enthusiasts the next best thing. Aerodynamicist Razan Sabie has unveiled what he calls the All-Directional Flying Object, or ADIFO, a pilotless saucer-like craft that is capable of impressive remote-controlled feats of maneuverability.

In Sabie's only interview with an American news outlet, the inventor said the device is the culmination of more than 20 years worth of work between him and partner Iosif Taposu, a former senior scientist at Romania's National Institute for Aerospace Research, and Head of Theoretical Aerodynamics at the National Aviation Institute.

'The aerodynamics behind this aircraft is the result of more than two decades of work and is very well reasoned in hundreds of pages and confirmed by computer simulations and wind tunnel tests,' Sabie told Vice. While the craft may look like its modeled after the classic saucer-shaped UFO, Sabie says that its design is actually inspired by something decidedly less extraterrestrial. As reported by Vice, the designer says the disk-like shape is actually meant to mimic a cross-section of a dolphin's airfoil -- the fin located on the animals back that helps it glide through the water.

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