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Swarm of bees takes over pickup truck at Canadian parking lot
702  NY Daily News 

Swarm of bees takes over pickup truck at Canadian parking lot

A Canadian parking lot was all abuzz Monday for a most peculiar reason. At a Costco parking lot in Saskatoon, thousands of bees had swarmed upon a pickup truck. An amazing video posted on Facebook shows the stinging congregation spreading out over the vehicle’s front passenger side. Eventually, a beekeeper was called to the site to remove the throng, reported the CBC.

The truck’s stunned owner, John Hildebrandt, claimed he had never witnessed a sight such as this. He estimated there were several thousands bees on his vehicle.

“There’s only one logical answer for this,” Hildebrandt explained. “That it’s because I have such a sweet nature about me, my truck and everything is just so sweet, the queen bee just loved it and went there.” Hildebrandt, who is a Costco employee, went to check out the swarm after being told they were gathering on his truck. He was pleased to learn that beekeepers had already begun removing the insects. “A big high-five for (the beekeepers),” he said.

Bee swarms aren’t unusual and actually mean that a hive is healthy and thriving, said Saskatoon Bee Club President Melissa Stonehouse. “It’s the hive’s way of splitting off,” she explained. “What they’ll do is they’ll stop and they’ll cluster like that around the queen to protect her and then they send out scouts to go and find a suitable home.”

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