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Woman Fights Back When Alleged Robber Tries to Steal Money From Family Business
808  Inside Edition 

Woman Fights Back When Alleged Robber Tries to Steal Money From Family Business

A California woman would not back down as a knife-wielding man went after her family's money. The footage recorded Saturday afternoon shows Concepcion Escalante, 23, working alone at her family's car insurance business. A man walks in, and the conversation between him and Escalante starts straightforward. She says there were no red flags. "He was so nice, smiling," she told Inside Edition. Then the suspect said he had to go back to his car and retrieve his license. Thirty minutes later, he returns with a knife in his hand. "When I went for it he grabbed my hair," she said of trying to grab the knife from him. She believes he was shocked she fought back, saying, “He kind of stood there for a second.” Escalante is seen being violently pulled by her hair and thrown into a wall. The man goes for the cash on her desk but she refuses to give up as the money flies out of his hands. The suspect eventually flees with about $900. Escalante walked away with a cut on her chest from the violent scuffle. "It would have been better if I just gave it to him," she told Inside Edition. Police in Pomona, California, say the suspect has struck before, hitting three gas stations and also brandishing a knife while demanding cash from workers.

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