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Two young women caught 'shopping for footwear' outside Teck Whye flat
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Two young women caught 'shopping for footwear' outside Teck Whye flat

For two young ladies caught poking around a shoe rack placed outside a flat in Teck Whye, it may be the HDB common corridor.

In two viral video clips posted on Facebook, the barefooted pair could be seen creeping along the corridor on Saturday night (July 6). While crouching, they rummaged through the rack, removing several pairs of shoes and slippers. Before they could make off with the footwear, however, something -- possibly a sound coming from the unit -- sent them scampering away.

One of the women returned to the scene 15 minutes later, appearing to check for CCTV cameras. She looked around the unit's doorstep, gesturing to her accomplice. That was when she looked up - straight into a closed-circuit camera. Oops. Realising her actions were captured on video, she tried to cover her face. But it was already too late.

After viewing the clips, several Facebook users cracked jokes about how Great Singapore Sale is on and it's time to go shopping. Others offered to buy the women new shoes and asked for their phone numbers. This is the latest in a string of incidents where people were caught taking others' belongings placed outside homes. Remember GrabShoes and GrabTowel? "These two brave young ladies seem to be brazenly choosing which lucky shoes and flip flops they would like for their Cinderella journey to prison," wrote homeowner Nur Ashiqin Muhammad Kyaizam in her Facebook posts. Although the women didn't succeed in taking the footwear, the homeowners have since lodged a police report.

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