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Vol : 46 No. : 43

Weekly Journal

This is a Burmese Weekly Comic Journal - published every Saturday.

  • Total Pages: 16
  • Issue Date: 25/Oct/2014

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  • Moment elephant almost tramples tourists after they try to take a selfie with it
  • Teen's photoshoot goes wrong when dog bites face leaving her with 40 stitches
  • Terrifying moment gang smashes Range Rover into London jewellers and ransacks store with sledge hammer before hero shoppers capture robber
  • When did nipple jewelry start wearing as fashionable accessories?
  • People say eclipse photo captured in Middle East looks like devil horns
  • Woman caught on video doing bizarre strip tease in Miami airport
  • Dogs trapped in a quarry for more than 30 hours rescued by firefighters in Italy
  • Family claims this 'haunted' Elsa doll simply won't let go
  • Snake and hawk locked in 'choke hold' in brutal wrestling match on shocked dad's driveway
  • Thai monk will bless devotees through video calls if they send offerings via delivery app