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Chips in Driver’s Licenses to be Modified Soon to Tackle Counterfeiting

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Having seized thousands of counterfeit drivers licenses in Hlaingtharyar Township, the Road Transport Administration Department is planning to modify chips in installed in license cards. “We have seized thousands of counterfeit smart cards which bear chips similar us ours except they contain no data. Therefore, we are going to change data in the chips,’’ U Lian Kyint Man, Head of Yangon Region Road Transport Administration Department said. He did not provide further details of the change, but said there were revenue losses for the country because of the counterfeiting. The department started adding chips on licenses in April 2016, before that it used reflective stickers bearing the department’s logo. This led to a lot of counterfeiting. “With the old system you could say, “its fake” just by looking at the reflective sticker. The new version of a driver’s license have chips installed, so traffic police have to check its authenticity using a mobile app,’’ he said. Because of many counterfeit cases, the department advised those who receive a driver’s license through brokers to have their licenses verified at the department. If the license turns out to be fake, to hand it over to the department so you can avoid any problems with the authorities. The department has issued 681,669 driver’s licenses in the Yangon Region so far. 79,417 of these are class A licenses, 439,200 class B licenses, and 163,052 class D licenses. It also registered 550,000 vehicles.

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