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Updated on November 9, 2018 From Daily Eleven

DELCO mine in Daweo collapse leaving 2 dead

A mining site of DELCO in Kanpauk region, Dawei District, Taninthayi Region collapsed on November 5th leading to the death of two scavengers.

Locals of Kanpauk region are permitted to scavenge and forage for precious stones at the certain mining sites. On that day, two youths in their 20s had failed to return back the temporary registration cards issued to them. Upon investigation, they were found at the site that was forbidden to enter, underneath a pile of rubble that had collapsed and killed them.

“Those living in the nearby wards and villages have been given permission to rummage through several mines, similar to jade scavengers in Hpakant region where they search old mines for jade stones. We have given safe places to do that but they look for them in a dangerous and prohibited places. The river is too dangerous as there is a pile of unearthed land along the river. No one knows when these two went to the river and when the collapse took place. When at 5:00 pm, the time where everyone have to return back their cards, they didn’t come back. A Deputy in charge and the supervisor came on site to search for them. When at the river, we found land had collapsed into the river. Underneath, we discovered two bodies,” said sub-inspector Win Myint San of Kanpauk Region police Force.

After digging by using backhoe, the two bodies were uncovered around 6:00 pm. The bodies were found in the river south of Laythar hill, 6 furlong from DELCO Company supervising office. The two men that died in the incident were Hein Zin Oo (21 years old) from Mya Thida ward in Kanpauk village, and Soe Moe Aung (23 years old) from Khine Thazin ward.

DELCO mining operates more than 50 miles away from Dawei to produce Tin and tungsten.

A 12-year-old child was killed and several elderly residents were injured on September 23, 2015 when the embankment of a tailing pond at a mine site collapsed, triggering a landslide and flooding in the nearby village of Kanpauk. The wards in Kanpauk such as Mya Thida ward, Khine Thazin and Maggin wards situated lower areas of the tailing pond suffered most. The accident damaged or destroyed altogether 68 households, and left 297 homeless and others were affected negatively due to the collapse in 2015.

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