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Updated on September 21, 2018 From Daily Eleven

Thinbawkway villagers request military chief, CM for land relocation

KISSAPA- Even though Thinbawkway village was demolished over two months ago, there was no new land plots alloted for the now homeless villagers to live in prompting them to sent a letter yesterday to the Commander-in-Chief of Defence Services and Rakhine State Chief Minister.

“Our village had been completely demolished by July 9th. We are staying at the Kyaukpantu refugee camp over two months by living in temporary huts. No one has yet to inform us of our new homes. The establishment of Thinbawkway village aims to be secure in the western gate in May-Yu region, to reinforce the local presence in the region. We have no desire to denounce government or the actions of the military. We are now waiting on them to get a suitable land plot for 35 households that wants to live in southern Maungdaw Township. We sent a letter to the Commander-in-Chief of Defence Services and the Rakhine State Chief Minister through Post-Office in Maungdaw Township. We would like to urge authorities to relocate us in southern Maungdaw Township which is generally tighter security. No need to build a house for us. We will build our own houses,” said Sein Aung from Kyaukpantu refugee camp.

With the aim to prevent the western gate in May-Yu region from being reinforced via human presence, 50 houses from six townships in the whole of Rakhine State resided in Thinbawkway village in southern Maungdaw Township on November 11th last year. The Thinbawkwya village was burnt to the ground by Bengali terrorists during Rakhine conflict in 2017.

The goal behind demolition and reconstruction efforts in Thinbawkway village is to prevent Bengali terrorists such as ARSA and illegal migrants from entering within May-Yu mountain ranges via Thinbawkway creek after passing through the sea. A man made tunnel was also found be built by them in the same area for better accessibility before the conflict.. It was the key place of entry for the Bengali terrorists aiming to commit the violence, says Sein Aung.

After an order was issued for demolishing the village, people from township and district level administrative, police members, and fire brigade members were came there for removing the village and demolished the houses in the village on July 9th.

A villager from the Thinbawkway village temporarily residing in the Kyaukpantu village monastery said that it is impossible to stay in the monastery because soon it will be Buddhist lent season. It is very difficult to stay at the monastery with children. The villagers desired to relocate them in a higher land.

There are 35 households comprising totaling 127 family members sheltering at the Kyaukpantu refugee camp over two months.

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