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Updated on September 14, 2018 From Daily Eleven

18 MoU workers return to Myanmar

A total of 18 workers under Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) agreement had returned to Myanmar only after four months on September 12, as the recruitment company, responsible for their employment in Thailand, failed to perform in line with agreements in the MoU.
        The workers signed the MoU with the recruitment company Carrier Workers and left for Thailand on May 10 but they could not find types of jobs stated in the agreement. “We left for Thailand on May 10 and we have jobs for about 20 days in four-month time. We have to put up tents and live in them since we arrived in Thailand. They gave us foodstuff like rice at first but later we have to eat whatever we have. We made a complaint to Myanmar Overseas Employment Agencies Federation (MOEAF) as we couldn’t find jobs as promised and we struggled to live. They told us to go back to the place (recruitment agency) that couldn’t find jobs for us in the first place. We have not gone back there as we no longer have any trust in them. We felt like victims of human trafficking,” said Myint Kyaw from Nattalin Township, Bago region.
        He said they went to take shelter at the office of Aid Alliance Committee (AAC). And now they have returned to Myanmar to sue the recruitment agency. “We had been smuggled akn to human trafficking victims. Some arrived in Thailand via fake visas unbeknownst to them. About 14 youths have been tortured with pointed objects and they were beaten with iron rods when they fought back. Women don’t know what or how to survive when arriving in Thailand. They have to take shelter wherever they could. The brokers simply left them in Thailand and it’s like they are being sold from one broker to another. So I urged Myanmar government to take action on recruitment agencies and agents that are misusing MoU and smugglers,” said Win Kyaw.
        He said although Myanmar migrant workers went to Thailand under MoU agreement, many of them are getting trouble. He wants Myanmar workers to make contact with the credible recruitment agencies to work in Thailand. Managing Director Kyaw Htet Khine from Carrier Workers said, “We sent them over. They had days that they cannot work. They brought the problem up with MOEAF. We later learnt that they went to ask help from the AAC. When we offered other jobs, they said they couldn’t work there. They are being choosy with their job options. I am going to travel to Myawady to solve the issue.”
        Labour officials, Col. Khin Maung Win from border guard forces, the MD of Carrier Workers and workers made a negotiation on September 12 and the company agreed to provide K800,000 as a compensation for each worker.

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