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Updated on July 9, 2018 From Myanmar Business Today

HOGCon 2018: Developing and Growing eSports in Myanmar

HOG e-sports center has partnered with Ooredoo Myanmar and hosted the largest electronic game competition, HOGCon 2018, for the first time in Myanmar with prize pool of nearly 10,000,000 MMK.
        HOG e-sports center is first large-scale premium LAN gaming center and entertainment hub in Yangon, Myanmar. The founding team for House Of Gamers (HOG) is dedicated to promoting e-sports and a strong gaming scene in Myanmar. The two-storied hub houses more than 100 PCs and other forms of gaming. It has an open space large enough to host international e-sports tournaments and game-related events — like the award ceremony for HOG Masters and Cosplay winners which held on July 2.
        Why video games? Well, consider the US video game industry. It generated a record $36 billion in revenue in 2017, an increase of 18% from 2016, and it shows no signs of slowing down.
        Michael D. Gallagher, president and CEO of Entertainment Software Association, which represents the US video game industry said, “The spectacular growth of our industry in 2017 proves video game developers, artists, and storytellers are the brightest lights in the US economy, finding more ways to delight the world’s 2.6 billion gamers each year,”
        It’s no surprise then, that Myanmar is getting in on the game industry and trying to open its “loot chest.” Ooredoo and HOG believe that youth in Myanmar are able to reach international levels through this competition. HOG e-sports center organized a series of popular electronic game tournaments, with game players from Yangon, Mandalay, and Taunggyi.
        The HOGCon 2018 invited ten Dota2 teams from Yangon, two from Mandalay and two from Taunggyi to compete in five-day long tournament starting on 27 June and ended with its grand final, which was held on July 1. As part of the tournament, PUBG mobile game competition and Cosplay Competition, together with MMotaku, was showcased at the HOG e-sports center.
        Collaborated with Ooredoo Myanmar, Myanmar Creative Technology (MCTC) and other multinational game software companies and local game startups, HOGCon 2018 becomes an event that brings game related companies and game enthusiasts together to explore the industry.
        So Pyae Aung, co-founder of HOG e-sports center, is proud to host the tournament for young gamers across the country. He said, “We are very pleased to gather very talented gamers from different parts of the country, and our mission is to bring these talented gamers to world’s stage e-sport competitions to represent Myanmar in the future because gaming can be more than an entertainment but an occupation for Myanmar youths.”
        To create a career path out of video games was something unthinkable in the past, but as the country has developed so did career opportunities revolving around video games. Opportunities like character designs, game designs, and other options have opened up for young gamers in the last few years.
        Mr. Alok Verma, Chief Commercial Officer of Ooredoo Myanmar said, “We are proud to partner with HOG in promoting, developing and growing esports in Myanmar. Competitions like HOGCon 2018 bring the best in esports talent in Myanmar together to display their skill and expertise. It is our endeavor to develop the industry in Myanmar and help youth to represent the country at international competitions. At Ooredoo Myanmar, we remain committed to a digital Myanmar and supporting youth to achieve their dreams.”
        One of the collaborator of HOGCon 2018, Nae Myo Aung Khing, CEO of MCTC has been training and offering project based works for game developers, character, and game designers.
        “I want to see Myanmar’s gaming industry improved, so now MCTC has been training young gamers to become game developers, game designers and character designers in order to create job opportunities for them based on their passion,” said Nae Myo Aung Khing. Digital Art Drawing Live Show and other technology showcases by MCTC were included as part of the program to share with game enthusiasts at the tournament.
        HOG e-sports center plans to host HOGCon annually by inviting all game related stakeholders to gather, share ideas and information and work together to improve gaming industry in Myanmar.

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