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Updated on June 12, 2018 From Daily Eleven

Lower House MP’s urgent proposal faces defeat at Lower House parliament

Members of Parliament including military-elected representatives much supported an urgent proposal to form an independent inquiry commission for Rakhine State only with local scholars, but it faced a defeat at Lower House parliament in Nay Pyi Taw on June 11.
        Lower House MP Khin Saw Wai representing Yathedaung constituency seconded the motion, saying, “What kind of person is the person who leads the commission? From which organisation he is? What is his nationality? Is he Indian or Chinese or English? It cannot be known in advance whether he is a friend or an enemy because it isn’t mentioned. It is sure that he will find faults in order to conduct an investigation. Who will the commission investigate? It is sure that no one wants to be investigated. The report of the person who does not know about our country well and who will investigate based on false news will go against true situations. We vigorously oppose Kofi Annan-led Commission on Rakhine State.
        “It is already known to all that the representatives supporting this commission mentioned it is just to give suggestions. At last all the suggestions Kofi Annan give are accepted as a roadmap for handling Rakhine issue and it was followed. This report is like a bitter medicine covered with sugar. Under the pretext of the regional development of Rakhine State, it is focusing on the rights for non-citizen Bengalis. Kofi Annan’s advisory commission played a leading role. Now is the investigation commission and consequently it will be able to give punishments and take actions. It should not be forgotten.”
        Lower House MP Sai Kyaw Moe representing Mongpang constituency submitted an urgent proposal urging the Union government to the eighth regular session of the Second Lower House in Nay Pyi Taw on June 11. The proposal mentioned that the Union government should rethink and decide to form an independent inquiry commission with local scholars and experts for the sake of trusting and respecting sovereignty of the State and the prestige of the citizens.
        Lower House MP Tin Htwe representing Waw constituency from the NLD party pointed out that the government and Tatmadaw were accused of committing genocide against Islamists and raping women in the aftermath of terrorist attacks by ARSA in northern Rakhine State. The announcement of the President Office said the commission is to conduct investigations into the matters relating to human rights and to try to bring about reconciliation among those living in the state as well as to carry out development tasks for them. The commission is formed with a foreigner and citizens. The commission is formed in accord with the prestige of the State and the people so as to view the situations objectively.
        With respect to the proposal, Deputy Minister Khin Maung Tin of the Ministry of State Counsellor Office clarified the great importance that responds suspicion and allegations coming from the international community creating an acceptable platform within the frame of sovereignty of the State. He gave remarks that the proposal should not be approved.
        There were 138 votes for and 251 against the motion, with 3 abstentions and the proposal faced a defeat at the parliament.

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